Avoid the hassle of cutting and edging the components for your next job. Let us do it for you!

  • We specialize in the cutting and edging of melamine board
  • White, colour, or raw - we can do it all
  • All major brands of colour board
  • 1mm or 2mm ABS edgebanding
  • We can handle all jobs, large and small
  • When your order is ready, either pick it up from our factory, or we can deliver to you
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All Brands

We process all major brands of board

  • FlexiPanel
  • Ultra Glaze
  • Laminex
  • Formica
  • Polytec
  • Parbury
  • Karaboard
  • EGR Stylelite
  • and more...

Friendly Staff

Our friendly and experienced staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us.

Simple or complex, Large or small

Whether your requirements are for simple parts cut-to-size, or for complex components with CNC drilling or routering, we can do it all.

And whether you need just one part or one thousand parts, we have the capacity to produce it.

Key Benefits

By purchasing components pre-cut and edged, you can realise significant benefits for your business

Reduce your overheads

For many years now, cabinet-makers have realised the cost savings in outsourcing the labour-intensive work of manufacturing cabinet componentry.

Think of all the costs involved in running your own workshop: rent, lease payments for machinery (not to mention maintenace and breakdown costs), staff wages, power, waste collection. It all adds up, and you have to pay for it whether your business is busy or slow.

Instead of paying for all that, why not simply order the required components and have them delivered to you.

Work smarter,
not harder

Here's a familiar scenario: you've just received a go-ahead on that quote for Mr & Mrs Jones.

Now, how do you want to spend your time? Stuck in the workshop producing all the components yourself, or out and about quoting on more work and growing your business?

With our cut-to-size service, you can simply order the parts you require and have them delivered to you. Whether you spend the time saved getting more work, or at the golf course, it's up to you.

Stress Less

Do you have your own workshop but can't keep up with the large project you just took on?

We can handle your overflow work and keep your project on track.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you.


3D Design File Processing

We can now import parts files from popular 3D kitchen design software.

This is a huge time-saver for the customer. Simply draw your project, export the file and send it to us to process. Too easy!

Contact us to discuss compatibility with your software.

PUR edgebanding

Already very popular in Europe, PUR glue offers several benefits over the traditional EVA hotmelt glues used.

  • Very strong adhesion
  • Minimal glue line
  • Create a waterproof edge